SS 23 — L’été 23

Inspired by the androgynous beauty and seductive allure of American actor Joe Dallessandro -as well as his effortless take on clothing- Valette Studio’s new collection is an ode to sartorial freedom and emancipation, underlining playfulness and personality as opposed to stereotypes, rules and uniformity.

Pop Art flowers, psychedelic motifs and dynamic stripes are some of the collection’s main highlights, evoking the joyfulness and hedonism of the late 1960s. Skintight tank tops -one of Dallessandro’s everyday staples- and sleeveless body-conscious shirts emphasize the shoulders and chest, paired with pleated tailored poplin pants, skimpy shorts, or loose drawstring trousers.

Even the tailoring feels more laid-back this season, with zip-up blousons, utility coats, denim blazers and fitted vests complementing the overall silhouette. Terry cloth separates evoke the language of casual sportswear and lazy summer holidays. Toying with the idea of 1980s gender-fuck -as opposed to today’s genderless- Pierre-François Valette crafts streamlined day dresses and cropped tops with an anatomical edge, as well as tailored vests exposing skin in unexpected ways. A ‘V’ is embroidered on several pieces this season, including striking silver leather.

On the accessory front, large denim messenger bags and substantial necklaces made out of metal, rope and contrasting rings bring imperfection and the appeal of the ‘homemade’ to mind. Sensual and spontaneous, this summer collection exudes confidence, as well as a willingness to dress for oneself, and not for others.

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