For summer 2022, the VALETTE STUDIO man, slightly inspired by Albert Camus writings, takes on the look of a romantic adventurer coming from North Africa whose wanderings led him to manufacture many of the pieces of his wardrobe by himself, as a tribute to couture and handcraft.

Cotton veils with homemade stripes, oversized tailored trousers, fluid summer knitwear, shorts, parachute capes, add volume to a particularly soft palette inspired by Jean Verame’s Land Art and desert landscape (salmon pink, pistachio green, denim blue, sandy camel, burgundy red, light grey, ecru). Accessories have an earthy and traditional appeal (satchel bags and card holders in tanned leather, hand-crocheted bags, raffia babouche) and complete the deliberately artisanal and committed dimension of the collection, (semi-traditional hand interlinings, plastron, tailor-made belts, seam pockets).

Always in a very contemporary perspective, the pieces of the VALETTE STUDIO wardrobe seduce women as much as men.

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