AW 22 — Classix Nouveau

Reveling in a Warholian den into the wee hours, a cast of mavericks models Valette Studio 's fall-winter 2022 collection, a paean to quirky elegance à l'anglaise.
Focusing on precise tailoring, tartan patterns and the kind of effortless, offbeat chic that such British icons as David Bowie and Freddie Mercury mastered to perfection, the collection confirms the brand's attachment to couture values. Yet, the lineup is firmly entrenched in our modern times, hence the non-constricting shapes and mesh linings that intriguingly merge athleticism and formality.  A tongue-in-cheek humor runs through the outfits, with ropes of pearls, logoed scarves, and tight tops in a flowery wallpaper print not unlike those of Mrs Browns.
The pieces are all worn haphazardly, fitting each wearer's personality, a laissez-faire statement that defines neo-classicism for a new generation.

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